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Ice Racers Event
20 days ago

Hey Everyone!

We're going to be hosting a boat race event on July 8th, 10:30 AM (ACST).

How do you play?

  • Join DupeTable when the event starts and type /warp event to teleport to the event world.
  • We'll ping you when the event starts, if the events gets rescheduled, or if the event gets cancelled.


1st Place - Event winner rank, 1 Event Key, and 3 Cosmetic Keys


Clans V3 Update Delays
22 days ago

Hey everyone!

We have recently decided to delay our Clans V3 update. We've decided to do this as the update is not ready for release, there are still some bugs left that need to be ironed out. This update was meant to release soon as said in our previous roadmap announcement. We expect this update to be ready within 1-2 weeks.

Helper Applications OPEN NOW!
about 1 month ago

Hello everyone, we are excited to announce that helper applications are now officially open for applying once again. Please go through the process appropriately and professionally. Helper Applications for anyone who is interested in being a part of DupeTable history. The link here: https://dupetable.net/apply/ will guide you through the process of applying for this role. All applications are recorded directly to all higher admins, so please fill the form out accordingly and professionally to have a higher chance at acceptance.

New Spawn & Roadmap Update
about 1 month ago

DupeTable Roadmap

Hey everyone!

We're happy to announce that our new spawn has been added to DupeTable. This spawn makes it easier for you to RTP and is a bigger public space to hang out at.


Along with this we are also updating the roadmap order and times. We've decided to do this as 1.21 is most likely close to releasing and we may update to 1.21 instead of 1.20.6 if it releases in time.

Here are our updated times:


DupeTable Maintenance! 28/05/2024
about 1 month ago

The server is currently under Maintenance and will be closed for up to 15 minutes. Thank you for your patience!

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