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New Spawn & Roadmap Update
16 days ago

DupeTable Roadmap

Hey everyone!

We're happy to announce that our new spawn has been added to DupeTable. This spawn makes it easier for you to RTP and is a bigger public space to hang out at.


Along with this we are also updating the roadmap order and times. We've decided to do this as 1.21 is most likely close to releasing and we may update to 1.21 instead of 1.20.6 if it releases in time.

Here are our updated times:


DupeTable Maintenance! 28/05/2024
16 days ago


The server is currently under Maintenance and will be closed for up to 15 minutes. Thank you for your patience!

Delays on the 1.20.6 update
18 days ago


Hey everyone!

There have been a lot of changes that have come from 1.20.6 which has made it quite difficult for us to update to it. Due to issues with getting some plugins updated (one of those is our dupe plugin) we will be delaying the 1.20.6 release until stable builds of Paper have been released.

We're sorry for this delay, we were on track to meeting the deadline from our previous roadmap post but we ran into i...

Helper Applications OPEN NOW!
about 1 month ago

Hey everyone, myself along with the staff team are excited to announce that we are opening Helper Applications

New DupeTable Roadmap - 06.05.24
about 1 month ago


Hey everyone!
We've decided to create a roadmap for some future updates coming to DupeTable along with some estimates for how long it may take. Here are the updates along with our current estimates:


Update to 1.20.6

We will update the server to 1.20.6 from 1.20.1. This will bring all the new features such as armadillos and wolf armour to DupeTable!

After this update is completed all versions 1.20 - 1.20.6 will be supported, fixing ...

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