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New Spawn & Roadmap Update
Started by Jacob



15 Mar 2023
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13 Jul 2024

DupeTable Roadmap

Hey everyone!

We're happy to announce that our new spawn has been added to DupeTable. This spawn makes it easier for you to RTP and is a bigger public space to hang out at.


Along with this we are also updating the roadmap order and times. We've decided to do this as 1.21 is most likely close to releasing and we may update to 1.21 instead of 1.20.6 if it releases in time.

Here are our updated times:


New Spawn (DONE)

A new spawn area that makes it easier to introduce new people to RTP (Random Teleport), you will still be able to venture out of spawn as you've always been able to, just with a new look.



Clans V3

A complete overhaul of clans, this will make it easier to use and fix many bugs that plague our current clan system. This will also overhaul and fix the quests.

(ETA - 3-4 Weeks after this post)


Custom Item Enchantments

Adds undupeable cosmetic enchantments to items that allow you to show off your items. Any items with these enchantments applied will become undupeable to keep the enchantment's rarity.

(ETA - 2-4 Weeks after the Clans V3 update)


Update to 1.20.6

We will update the server to 1.20.6 from 1.20.1. This will bring all the new features such as armadillos and wolf armour to DupeTable!

After this update is completed all versions 1.20 - 1.20.6 will be supported, fixing the bugs with some versions not working.

(ETA - 4-5 Weeks after the custom item enchants)



Feel free to make suggestions for any changes you'd like to see if these upcoming updates. Updates will be posted as stuff is changed!


Jacob · about 1 month ago · Last edited: about 1 month ago